The Corona Case: What Is It Teaching Us

“The game of football is imploding under the blows of a rediscovered journalist.”

“All the ills of the favorite game of Italians, exposed by respectable figures in the television communication.”

This is the prevailing sentiment, or something quite similar. If an alien were to land on Earth today, they would find a young, handsome, and tanned man dominating all television channels, pontificating on Italian football and how the players are anything but professional athletes.

Football Betting in Italy

Football betting in Italy is regulated by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM), a government agency responsible for the regulation and supervision of all gambling activities in Italy.

The ADM is responsible for issuing licenses to bookmakers wishing to operate in the country. Once licensed, they must adhere to a set of rules and regulations, including:

– Ensuring transparency and fairness in betting
– Protecting players from fraud and abuse
– Contributing to the funding of the Italian national healthcare system

Every citizen can gamble responsibly, well aware of the risks involved in their bets. However, professional athletes are excluded from this category. Italian law prohibits professional athletes from betting on sports events in which they are involved.

These regulations, however, pose ethical, moral, and sometimes practical issues.

As the president of FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, stated just a few days ago: “According to Italian law, they can bet on Italy vs. England on legal platforms. But these players would be punished because we have included a ban in our FIGC regulations.”

Furthermore, we must remember how the world of betting finances the system from various angles. There is no sports broadcast where odds are not discussed or where betting companies don’t become the main sponsors. Nothing illegal, as we have previously clarified, but many questions arise.

The Arrival of Corona

A personality like Corona has fit perfectly into this chaos, creating great turmoil. In the midst of the prosecutor’s investigations, he decided to start talking. So far, all legitimate. Or at least, he certainly didn’t make things easier for the prosecutors, but if we consider him as a journalist, he conducted an investigation and reported his version of the facts. The problem arises precisely when he started speaking ill of others.

We’re not surprised, given his notoriety for less-than-honorable behavior, he’s known for being outspoken. What does astonish us, however, is the red carpet rolled out for him by various national broadcasters.

Corona on TV

In the past two weeks, we’ve seen Mr. Corona everywhere. No matter which channel you tuned into, he was there. Paid guest, phone interviews, live broadcasts, and more. A figure that can be liked or disliked, but no one hesitated to invite him. Right?

My opinion is that, for purely moral reasons, giving such prominence to this individual is especially detrimental to young people who already struggle to develop an affinity for football. However, my perspective remains just an opinion, as commercial broadcasters operate under their own logic beyond our influence.

But when this same character is hosted on RAI, and my tax money pays him?

Well, that’s a different story. In this case, my simple opinion becomes much stronger. While I am free not to watch him, I do not accept that the taxes I pay are used to fund a character of this stature.

We all know that sponsors help in these cases, but public television must be much more attentive and respectful of the public.

Corona on RAI

Corona on “Belve,” Corona on “Domenica In,” Corona on “Avanti Popolo” with De Girolamo, estimated earnings:

– 12,000 euros
– Another 12,000 euros from Fagnani
– Somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 euros on RAI3’s show

In total, just under 30,000 euros gifted to the self-proclaimed “king of scoops.” For what purpose? To appear on the flagship channel, one of RAI2’s top programs, and a new show on RAI3, and be interviewed as if he were a head of state or prime minister.

Names, baseless accusations, all with the arrogance and lack of elegance that has always made the character more significant than the person.

What messages and values can Corona transmit to our country? Much is being said about the early age of these footballers caught in the storm. However, instead of focusing on that, shouldn’t we be considering what lessons Corona could impart to our young people? Could he teach them morals?

The Public Opinion That Supports Us

For those who follow us, our stance is already clear. We are confident in our actions, and we will continue along this path. Committed to our beliefs, we’ve looked around, and some voices have finally been raised.

Bonelli, the leader of the Greens and a member of the Rai Oversight Committee, expressed himself: “Fabrizio Corona on RAI? I have submitted an inquiry to the Oversight Committee. How is it possible to give space to a convicted person and even pay him?”

Aldo Grasso, one of the most prominent television critics in his classic article for Corriere della Sera, opens his piece with: “It’s unclear whether Fabrizio Corona or those who host him on TV are more shameless…”

What Is the Corona Case Teaching Us?

The question is legitimate: What is the Corona case leaving us with?

Everyone is talking, and we are enthusiastic about that. But it is equally evident that the content and the source are questionable, to say the least. We are pleased to see that some express their discontent with the excessive exposure of the former king of the paparazzi, but we still see few concrete actions.

From our perspective, RAI has clearly erred in using Corona as a battering ram to enter Italian households. It’s easy to judge the character, and criticizing him is absolutely legitimate; placing a check on his pronouncements is our duty.

Information still needs to take 10, 100, 1,000 steps forward. We believe the road ahead is long, but we are here to travel it.

We want to see our interests as citizens and football fans respected. As a Foundation, we cannot look the other way and assume that everything will be forgotten, as that is far from the case.

Does Corona raise his voice? Does he amplify his tones? We have not and will not be caught unprepared.

Because as always, we are here to defend Juventus and its people UNTIL THE END.

Simone Verrecchia