Back to the Roots: Quality Information is Our Hope

In the current media landscape, we are witnessing a worrying drift: the abandonment of quality content, accurate information, and culture, replaced by a race for sensationalism, trash, and controversy. This trend not only affects journalism but also extends to television, undermining the credibility of all broadcasters.

Sports newspapers, once famous for their in-depth analysis, reliable information, and engaging narratives of the sports world, have thrown in the towel. Now, they prefer a kind of gossip, fuel controversies, and trigger conflicts, all for a brief boost in sales. However, this pact comes at too high a price: the loss of integrity and credibility, fundamental pillars of journalism.

When historic sports newspapers become mouthpieces for certain teams, pushing a biased and instrumental agenda while ruthlessly attacking other teams clearly not favored by the publisher, it is inevitable that their role as primary sources of information is compromised. The public has sniffed out the deception and no longer allows itself to be involved or entertained. The results speak for themselves: sales are plummeting, and the system is on the brink of collapse.

In this context, some entities have embarked on a different path, rediscovering old tools like radio or embracing new digital platforms like Twitch and podcasts. Their choice has been to put quality, intellectual honesty, fair debate, and objective analysis of sports at the forefront. In practice, they have brought back the traditional approach in a modern guise.

Today, ignorance is a choice, and every individual is responsible for choosing their sources of information.

We at the Jdentità Bianconera Foundation are convinced that the only way to allow the world of sports we love to be reborn is to get to know it again, to love it, to understand it, to tell it, and to share it as friends as we have always done.

Friends, rivals, separated for 90 minutes by cheering for our respective teams, but united by the love for a sport so great that it can always be shared with everyone.

We were born for this, to defend Juventus fans and to promote the change that we believe has become urgent and essential for football and for entire generations of fans.

As a Foundation representing a large number of supporters from all over the world, we have the role and the credentials to be an active part, together with all of you, in this revival of football.

Join us because together we can give our ideas the strength they deserve.

Intellectual honesty, quality, and love for sports must guide our path to the future so that we can once again share the beauty of football with everyone.

Until the end… but it’s only the beginning!