Redefining Bianconero Fandom: A Call for Respect and Unity

Okay, today’s piece is not an easy one.

Not easy because I suspect it won’t meet everyone’s approval, but then again, in this era of great fragmentation, the opposite would be surprising.

I write to bring clarity, to attempt to take you with us below the surface of the “to-do’s” and “what we’ve done.”

The Jdentità Bianconera Foundation was born with the awareness that there are countless nuances to this famous identity. So, from day one, I encourage you to tell your Juventus stories through us. Those who joined in the first few weeks know this well, and I’ve even managed to speak on the phone with many (even with members from the other side of the world) to hear their stories and gather thoughts and stories in black and white.

It’s implicit that each of us has a different sensitivity regarding the concept of being a fan.

There’s the macho fan, the one who doesn’t care at all about insults, verbal attacks, or insults to the dead. For him, it’s just manifest inferiority on the part of those who commit these faults, and the obsessed should be left to their obsessions and soar higher. These are the ones the Foundation doesn’t like.

We accept their point of view and overlook the fact that their mindset often leads them to take for granted that they’re right and the rest of the world is wrong, or not up to their level.

On the other hand, there’s the truly tired fan, possibly more exposed to manifestations of hatred, perhaps a parent of children who suffer bullying and harassment related to fandom, less vulnerable to “die-hard” behavioral models. These fans see the Foundation as the light of divine justice, which will denounce all with its powerful thunderbolts, silence the slanderers, educate the ignorant, and catechize the reality distorters.

Between these two extremes, there’s the wonderful and infinite kaleidoscope of all of us fans, with our thoughts and sensitivities, with the desire and ability to analyze or stay on the surface, whether we’re knowledgeable or just passionate, whether we never miss a match or watch it when we can.

In the midst of all this, there’s us, the Jdentità Bianconera Foundation.

Some lean toward one extreme, some toward the other, but our vision is one and only: no one should feel entitled to offend, humiliate, or attack one of our fellow fans.

Are there superheroes? Good for them. By definition, they should be the ones who take care of the weaker, not those who don’t care because they consider them inferior.

We’re not superheroes; we’re just fans. We love our team, and above all, we love and respect our fellow Bianconeri.

We don’t find the climate that has been created over the years acceptable, partly due to a deliberately distorted narrative and a complete and unforgivable absence of those who had the duty to monitor and intervene.

We are the country where politicians pose with scarves that say “JUVE MERDA” (have you ever seen this happen with other teams?), where presenters and public figures constantly insinuate thefts, criminal associations, and crimes to be attributed to a football team, where public prosecutors publicly declare their hatred (to general snickering), even to the extent of allowing a repeat offender to appear on state TV and rant about ethics and morals, discussing a Juventus player, the same one who declares, “I will never reveal the names of those who play for the team I support.”

Shall we continue?

All of these and the rest of the events we could list— it would take days, probably—stem from a series of common elements, such as a total lack of respect and sportsmanship, ethics waved only when convenient, and the normalization of any form of vulgarity and violence. For some of the figures mentioned, we should also mention respect for the decorum befitting their institutional roles!

To say the situation is complex would perhaps qualify me for the “euphemism of the year” award. However, I believe that something is beginning to change after just a few months since the start of our work, as evidenced by all the comments and expressions of esteem we constantly receive as a Foundation.

But I remind you that this is a change we must bring about together.
I know it’s demanding. But to overcome the most challenging situations, you always have to do something special.
Life teaches us this; it’s not a personal opinion.

So, I ask you to stand by our side, for the love of our fandom, the sport we love, and what we would like to leave to the new generations. The ones who watch us embarrassed as we fight over a coach we don’t like or insult each other, strangers in their fifties, over events from 30 years ago, instead of getting excited about a goal, a victory, a player who makes us dream of wearing HIS jersey.

Let’s try, in our small way, not to respond to insults with more insults, to block serial provocateurs on social media, to isolate them in their world of sadness without allowing them to pollute ours.

Let’s talk about football, celebrate victories, learn from defeats, polish the glorious past, and dream together of an exciting future.

They’ve already taken away too much.

I embrace you, Bianconeri brothers and sisters.

Until the end… but it’s only the beginning!