Juventus – Lazio: Our Player Ratings

After the Juventus vs. Lazio match on Saturday, September 16, which ended with Juventus winning 3-1, here are our ratings:

SZCZESNY 6.5: In a relatively uneventful game for the Polish goalkeeper, there wasn’t much he could do about the goal conceded.

DANILO 7: Solid, organized, and precise in handling the ball, some of his clearances were of high quality. Even with Kostic on the wing offering less cover than Cambiaso, opponents couldn’t get past him.

GATTI 7: Federico has a unique way of interpreting the role of a center-back. He has Chiellini’s grit but also has the ability to push forward and dance with the ball, often forcing opposing defenders to bring him down as if he were an attacking midfielder. One of the match’s inexplicable yellow cards.

BREMER 6: His high pressure led to the ball recovery that resulted in Juventus’ first goal. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding that led to Luis Alberto’s goal. It seems that ball control and construction duties are the areas where he faces the most difficulty.

MCKENNIE 7.5: Wes’s performance once again shows how the chatter from commentators is often blown away by the wind. The coach who sees him every day knows what to ask of him and what qualities the young man can bring. He made some good tackles (although Zaccagni was a tricky opponent), but in the offensive phase, he’s often the wild card that can confuse the opposing defense. He kept a crucial ball in play for the first goal and provided the assist for the third. 71’ WEAH 5.5: Different characteristics and ways of interpreting the role; it’s up to the coach which American to choose during the season. Tim will weigh heavily the missed goal at the end.

MIRETTI 6.5: Coach Allegri continues to show trust in him with minutes, and Fabio is improving rapidly. He has a natural inclination to make valuable movements in the offensive phase. When he gains power and aggressiveness in the final third, he will transform his career. To date, he’s a twenty-year-old with already 50 appearances in a Juventus jersey. 58’ FAGIOLI 6: Entered well, always clean and tidy, but lacked a bit of physical brilliance.

LOCATELLI 6.5: Manuel plays well when he doesn’t try to overdo it. The first-touch assist for Vlahovic’s first goal was a gem, but too many long passes ended up as lost balls. He’s not and will never be Pirlo, but if he stays focused on his strengths, he can be an excellent playmaker.

RABIOT 6.5: Lots of uncelebrated work in midfield, he provided the assist for Chiesa’s goal but missed a header that could have changed the complexion of his performance.

KOSTIC 6.5: Filip is in good form right now, though he doesn’t maintain the same intensity for 90 minutes. In the minutes he plays, he always manages to be influential. He came close to scoring with a long-range shot, which is rare and precious in Juventus’ midfield. 58’ CAMBIASO 6: The same considerations made for the two Americans apply to him and Kostic regarding different characteristics and ways of interpreting the role. Different assets for a coach.

CHIESA 7.5: Once again, it seems that the coach knows how to do his job better than many commentators. Federico is working with great dedication and effort, and the results are showing. He’s improving his understanding with Dusan and the distribution of space with Kostic. The numbers speak for themselves: 3 goals in 4 games. 83′ MILIK SV: A few minutes to manage possession in a game that didn’t have much left to tell.

VLAHOVIC 8: A double from a great center-forward, two shots with his weaker right foot, two fantastic goals. Dusan is here and you can feel it, both physically and emotionally. He chases, presses, motivates, and encourages his teammates. The period of the nervous and impatient Dusan seems to be behind him. He has a special relationship with the fans, similar to the greats who wore the Juventus jersey. 83’ KEAN SV: A few minutes to hold back Lazio with his accelerations and to give the man of the match the proper tribute from the Stadium.

ALLEGRI 7: Max may want to shake out a few pebbles from his shoe, but it’s only September, and there’s still a lot of work to be done. At this point, McKennie, Chiesa, Locatelli, Rabiot, and Gatti all seem like bets that are going well.