Juventus – Bologna: Our Player Ratings

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Juventus – Bologna on August 27, 2023 – OUR PLAYER RATINGS

After the match between Juventus and Bologna on August 27, 2023, we record the first draw of the season, coming from behind after conceding a goal in the first half.

A strong start by the Bianconeri, who then inexplicably lose their way in the middle of the first half, with Bologna taking the lead and Thiago Motta able to play the game with the advantage of closing down spaces and taking away the weapon of speed from Juventus players.

Perin 6: He can do nothing in the occasion of the conceded goal, few times he has to get his gloves dirty. Mattia is one of those players who always knows how to be ready, and this is an exceptional quality for a 12th man.

Danilo 6: A good start, but like the entire defense, loses confidence in that phase of the first half when the midfield stops supporting the defense. Better when the team manages to regain ground.

Bremer 5: A pure marker who seems to struggle in the first build-up phase, especially when pressed. A thousand touches, too much indecision, often trying to solve with long balls that are not within his technical repertoire.

Alex Sandro 5.5: Unlucky in the first half, collides with Bremer on the occasion of Bologna’s goal. In the second half, he tries to put some balls into the area, like the one that led to Vlahovic’s disallowed goal.

Weah 5: Often late in defensive closures, closed down well by Bologna players who never give him space for his accelerations. Close to scoring with a long-range shot, something the Juventus midfield has been missing for years.

Cambiaso 5: In this 3-5-2 formation, the wings are the tactical key to the game, and yesterday Thiago Motta managed to neutralize Allegri’s wings perfectly, especially Cambiaso, who he himself contributed to forming and therefore knows very well. From the 66th minute, Iling Jr 6.5: Speed, quality in tight spaces, and a perfectly placed pass for Dusan’s goal. A sensational tackle on Ndoye keeps Juventus in the game. Samuel is young, but he provides unpredictability, pace, and some good passes from the bench.

Locatelli 4.5: The pure playmaker can turn the team around only if he is a top-level player in that role. Manuel is not. He works reasonably well defensively but is never able to change the face of the game. Misplaced passes, backward passes, and when he tries to force the ball around, he systematically gives it away to the opponents. From the 81st minute, Yildiz s.v.

Rabiot 5.5: He’s practically invisible. He creates density in the middle of the field but is not a player to be asked to build the game or shoot from outside the area. We always hope for a header, but it didn’t come in this game.

Fagioli 5: The youngster has excellent qualities, but at the moment, he seems rather dim and physically awkward. The technique is there; he will have to learn to be more concrete and effective. From the 66th minute, Pogba 6.5: There’s little to be done; Paul touches the ball differently from everyone else. In the action leading to Vlahovic’s goal, he protects and controls the ball in the midst of 4 men, serving Iling with a precise pass to the centimeter. If his physical condition supports him, he will be the real key to the Juventus midfield.

Chiesa 4: No shots on target, 50% success in dribbling, only 12 successful passes and 3 missed passes in his game. In between, a few one-twos, a few accelerations, nothing more. Inconsistent. From the 74th minute, Milik 5: Entered late, didn’t make an impact.

Vlahovic 6.5: If he’s fit, he’s an excellent level striker. Physical condition seems to be improving, and today he scored two non-trivial goals. It’s a pleasure to see him head the ball like a great center-forward, a fundamental aspect on which he can improve, and it seems evident that he’s working on it.

Allegri 5: Thiago Motta closed down the spaces for him, knowing that Juventus’ midfield lacks great technique and creativity. He found some solutions with substitutions, but he will have to work on the midfield blackout that led to Bologna’s first goal.