Our Ratings: Atalanta vs. Juventus

On Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, Atalanta and Juventus faced off in Bergamo for the seventh match of the Italian Serie A Championship.

Below are our evaluations:

Szczesny 6.5: A top-level save on a Muriel free-kick, an unspectacular shot that slipped past him in the box, spared by Koopmeiners.

Gatti 6: Returns to the starting lineup after the challenging night against Sassuolo, plays calmly, without exaggeration, and makes no mistakes.

Bremer 6: A very good marker but continues to be awkward with the ball at his feet. He exited in the late stages of the match due to cramps.

Danilo 5: Adapts to play as a left-back, not comfortable, and occasionally shows it. With Locatelli marked, he takes on the responsibility of seeking long-range play, but it’s really not his specialty.

McKennie 5.5: Not performing well offensively but currently provides a certain level of security to the coach in the non-possession phase. (Substituted in the 84th minute – Weah s.v.)

Fagioli 5.5: Timing is crucial for a central midfielder, and he seems to always lose a beat. His technical skills are unquestionable, but if he doesn’t quicken his thinking, finding solutions is difficult. (Substituted in the 67th minute – Miretti 5.5)

Locatelli 6.5: Manuel’s performance swings continue, this time an acceptable game, but once again, he fails to deliver the decisive play.

Rabiot 5: His sprints to nowhere serve no purpose. Given his age, role, and salary, much more is expected from him.

Cambiaso 5.5: Attempts to enter the midfield, a move that once again highlights Juventus’ struggles to build play in the middle, but he often gets caught in traffic, and at that point, he lacks resources on the wing. Defensive movements need to be reviewed. (Substituted in the 67th minute – Kostic 5: A listless and unimpressive performance by Filip. Forced to stay too deep, he never makes an impact.)

Kean 6: Returning from an injury, he may be gritting his teeth more than being fully healed, but he runs, commits, and often finds himself surrounded by opposing defenders. Fatigue sets in over time. (Substituted in the 74th minute – Yildiz s.v. We can’t wait to celebrate one of his goals; his entrance always creates enormous anticipation and expectation. His time will come, but currently, he’s not the player who can come in and change a game.)

Chiesa 6.5: Fede is a player who often exceeds in playing with his head down and is just now starting to develop the right understanding with Vlahovic’s movements. However, today he played with Kean, and it’s a whole different situation. It feels like they couldn’t help each other much.

Allegri 6: This is the team, with all its technical, character, and charisma limitations. Limited creativity in substitutions, and there never seems to be a Plan B or an alternative tactic. In this context, it’s unclear why Nicolussi hasn’t seen the field yet or why Iling is used so sparingly, but evidently, we don’t know the coach’s evaluations.