Udinese – Juventus: Our Player Ratings

Player Ratings for Udinese – Juventus by Enrico Scarponi

As published on by coach Enrico Scarponi, here are the ratings for our champions in the first match of the 2023/24 season!

Juventus (3-5-2):

Szczęsny 6: A nice high save in the first half, then dealt with long-range shots without any trouble.

Danilo 6.5: The usual solid performance from the Juventus captain, precise in tackles and always helping teammates, less involved in the build-up play as Juventus exploited the left side more tonight.

Bremer 6: Among the three defenders, he struggled the most with Beto’s physicality, then adjusted and proactively distanced himself to avoid losing the duel and managed to contain Beto.

Alex Sandro 6.5: Solid, aggressive, and determined as we haven’t seen in a long time, he won the penalty for the second goal and was always precise in tackles. Hoping he can maintain this level of performance.

Weah 6: Less explosive compared to his previous appearances, but still useful in providing depth to the team with his runs and improving in individual duels. Substituted after an ankle injury (from the 46th minute, McKennie 6.5: Excellent in possession, reached the byline three times with great ease, made some incorrect reads in defensive diagonals).

Miretti 6: Exploited rotations and always found the right position to receive in plenty of space, but made a few overly ambitious decisions in finishing, which Allegri didn’t appreciate (from the 46th minute, Fagioli 6: Not very visible, but when he touched the ball, he improved the quality of the passing, although sometimes too superficial in some plays).

Locatelli 6.5: Always organized, he balances a team that, especially in the first half, attacks with 5 or 6 men. Technically, he makes fewer mistakes compared to the previous season, although he can still speed up the play.

Rabiot 6.5: Started slowly due to fragile fitness, then grew as the game went on and returned to being the complete midfielder we saw last season. Sealed the deal with a headed goal, showing his affinity for scoring.

Cambiaso 7: The big tactical novelty for Juventus, often entering the field as a midfielder, then making strong runs forward. He has great personality, makes very few mistakes, and delivered the cross for Rabiot’s goal (from the 68th minute, Iling Jr 6: His performance was sufficient, needed to slow down Udinese’s pace, but he didn’t deny himself some progressions).

Vlahovic 6.5: Provided an assist for Chiesa and converted a penalty for the second goal, did some good dirty work with nice plays. He’s not in top condition either, losing some duels unnecessarily at times. Occasionally doesn’t believe in his teammates’ vertical plays, missing the moment to score again (from the 81st minute, Yildiz n/a).

Chiesa 8: It took Federico just two minutes to unlock the season for himself and Juventus. In general, he’s found his legs again, with his bursts of speed and accelerations that always trouble Udinese (from the 79th minute, Milik n/a).

Coach Allegri 7: Juventus had a very high-level first half in terms of intensity, pace, and quality in plays. The second half was under total control but normal with the heat and the acquired result.