Juventus vs. Lecce: Our Player Ratings

Tuesday, September 26, 2023, marked the opening of the first midweek round of the 2023/24 Serie A season with the match between Juventus and Lecce. Here are our player ratings!

Szczęsny 6: Tek deserves a rating even though he didn’t get his gloves dirty. After a tough Saturday afternoon, he once again showed his mental strength by taking the field regularly. Is the right therapy? We’ll find out, but past episodes give us hope.

Danilo 6.5: He doesn’t seem to be in his best form, especially in terms of composure and concentration. At times, he makes simple mistakes, while at others, he produces plays of high quality. The through ball that sent Chiesa one-on-one with the goalkeeper was splendid, and if Fede had scored, we would be celebrating a great assist.

Bremer 6.5: The Lecce attack never bothers him; it’s a routine performance.

Rugani 6.5: In the first half, he came very close to scoring, and defensively, he’s always reliable, avoiding unnecessary risks, which is perfect considering the stage of the season.

Substitute Gatti (from the 72nd minute) 6: He returns to the field energized, smiling, and seemingly confident. A brief appearance on the pitch that probably does him good to be able to play.

McKennie 7: The best on the field. Wes has gone from being surplus (according to the newspapers) to one of the most reliable players in just a few weeks. He often falls back to form a line of four when the opponents attack and is always present to support the offensive phase.

Substitute Weah (from the 87th minute) S.V.: Only a few minutes, not judged today.

Fagioli 6.5: He is the only one on the field showing something “beautiful.” The young man has technique, class, and elegance. He needs to grow in terms of practicality, not settling for the play but learning to choose the most functional touch, and at that point, he will be a top-level player. It’s also worth noting that he’s the only one discussing with the referee when decisions aren’t clear, a task usually performed by a captain.

Substitute Miretti (from the 86th minute) S.V.: A few minutes for him in the natural rotation with Nicolò.

Locatelli 5: Still not there. Too many mistakes, short and long passes that don’t reach teammates or don’t change the game’s momentum. He works hard, but given a player with his qualities, we really expect more.

Rabiot 6.5: He deserves credit for providing the assist for Milik’s goal with an aerial flick in the box, a move attempted several times during the game. He should improve his finishing because at least a couple of times per game, he has opportunities but never manages to be dangerous.

Cambiaso 5.5: Few insights for Andrea, relaunched as a starter after an excellent debut in Udine. He has good feet and decent vision of the game, and he will grow.

Substitute Kostić (from the 72nd minute) 6.5: When he enters the field, the difference is felt. Filip brings physicality, pace, and some good passes, showing that he’s in excellent shape.

Milik 6.5: He tries to fill the box and position himself to complement Chiesa’s movements, and as usual, he often drops back to help stitch the game between attack and midfield. He finds a goal like a true opportunist and wets his debut as a starter with the winning goal.

Substitute Vlahović (from the 78th minute) 6: He enters late to keep the ball in Lecce’s half and potentially hit on the counter.

Chiesa 7: Only the goal is missing, but he seems like the one always capable of changing the game. It’s the second game played entirely within 3 days, which hasn’t happened in a long time. The champion we knew is returning: he dribbles, attacks the space, shoots with both feet. Some minor selfishness: perhaps he’s really studying to be a center-forward!

Allegri 6: He brings home a victory against a team that was unbeaten and had only conceded 4 goals in 5 matches. Without playmaking superstars, it’s tough for the team to face organized defenses. The offensive phase is often characterized by stationary players, all with their backs to the goal, all asking for the ball at their feet. With this lineup, more equipped with athleticism than technique, he achieves a victory that was not guaranteed.