Juventini nel mondo – Larbi, the Canadian Zebra

Hello, everyone,

Since you invited me on Instagram to do so, I’m here to share my little Juventus story.

Born in Montreal, Canada, I grew up in Florence and spent 14 years there. Even though I had the whole city against me, as a child who also spoke French, my almost natural idol was Platini. From the moment I first saw him play, my heart was already painted black and white.

Unstoppable faith, despite all my friends who were not only Florentines but also deeply anti-Juventus. So, despite the laughter, intimidation, insults, and sometimes even my threats, my faith remained uncorrupted.

I have traveled a lot and then returned to Montreal, Canada, where I have been living since 1996.

Over all these years, I have had the chance to appreciate unique players like Platini, Baggio, Del Piero, Nedved, Buffon, and more recently Ronaldo or Chiellini, who have only highlighted my Bianconeri soul.

I was also deeply affected by the events of Calciopoli, salary scandals, capital gains, and just yesterday, the abandonment of the last appeal in the Calciopoli case. A witch hunt that continues relentlessly against Juventus and only Juventus, something that could never happen in any professional league here in North America. It would be a scandal. Instead, in Italy, no one ever says anything because the high powers (Gravina and Ceferin) are OPENLY Inter fans. Are they kidding us? Those in such positions should be absolutely impartial!

But where have these hidden truths gone? Report raised some doubts, but we need to do more! Where are the Juventus fans on TV or in the movies? Why don’t they mobilize to create a Netflix series like “Bad Sport,” but with the truth instead of all the biased things that were said about Moggi and Juventus in that series?

Wherever I am in the world, Juventus is an essential part of my life, and I defend it against everything and everyone. I discovered you through RadioBiancoNera, which I listen to continuously.

I want to convey all my support for what you do, and even more. I am also willing to be your network in North America, if needed!

I remain available for anything you may need.

See you soon, dear friends!

Thank you.

Larbi, the Canadian Zebra