Hate begets hate, Love begets Love – by Luca Ferrarini and Fabrizio Baricchi

“Life is not what you have lived, but what you remember and how you remember it to tell it.”

(García Márquez)


“I see the world slowly turning into a desert, I hear the approaching roar that will also kill us getting louder, I share the pain of millions of men, yet when I look at the sky, I think that everything will turn for the better, that even this ruthless harshness will cease, that order, peace, and serenity will return.”

(Anne Frank)


“Take life lightly, as lightness is not superficiality, but soaring above things, not having burdens on the heart.”

(Italo Calvino)


“Those who dream by day know many things that escape those who dream only at night.”

(Edgar Allan Poe)


“All the variety, all the delight, all the beauty of life is composed of shadow and light.”

(Lev Tolstoy)


“Things do not happen, things are made to happen.”



“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”


“Do not find faults, find solutions! Complaining is something anyone can do.”

(Henry Ford)


“Here we are all mad. I am mad. You are mad.”

“How do you know that I’m mad?” said Alice.


“Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come here,” said the Cat.

(Lewis Carroll)


“Here is my secret. It is very simple: one sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


Dear Juventus brothers and sisters, I am not yet insane, and I hope it never happens. The excerpts from books, poems, and the thoughts of these famous authors have made me reflect on two topics:


The Foundation was born for a specific reason, and at the right time;

What has led a beautiful game to deteriorate to what we have been experiencing in the last decade.


In the quotes above, I found the answers to the questions I had asked myself.


The Jdentità Bianconera Foundation is growing visibly; the numbers speak for themselves, and the professionals and others who collaborate with it do so with Passion, intensity, with what is called “The Credo of the Foundation,” which is…


Fino alla fine… but it’s only the beginning!


This phrase indicates an immense desire to restore football to its true value, citing only the True Truths, with respect, true justice, and finding our united and non-violent people, knowing who and what we are representing.


Unbridled fans in the stands and gentlemen outside and in life, just as the values of the team we love teach us.


In the words of great writers and poets, there were already indications that this beautiful Jdentità Bianconera Foundation would be born. Why? You may wonder.


Because if you read and reread, and read again with greater attention, you will discover as if by magic that everything was born out of Love and Passion for a team that has brought glory to Italian football worldwide. Absurdly, it has greatly contributed to filling the coffers of all other entities.


Money that was spent little on reforms, little on modernization, but much and poorly by politicians and representatives who have produced a lot of smoke and very few concrete achievements. This is one of those True Truths, and the absurd thing is that despite this, since 2006, we have everyone against us, in every way and in any context.


In recent times, situations have lost all limits and shame, to the point that the entire population, still in love with this game and this team, found itself once again forced to pay and pretend to believe in a system that would inevitably disappoint it, with makeshift street tribunals based on nothing.


We already knew the pattern: thanks to the complicity of the press and various characters, they have invented and built the machine of popular sentiment by repeating lies until they were imprinted in the minds of anti-Juve fans, to the point that they were reduced to a substantial inability to distinguish Truth from Narration.


But we did not give up then, and we are even less willing to do so now!


After 2006 and the years of reconstruction, the victories came, the Scudetti, the undisputed dominance of those who have exerted total, absolute, and manifest superiority for 10 years.


Not being able to limit the dominance on the field and at the corporate level, the entire system insists on shifting the battles to the “sports roulette” court, where imaginative twists are always around the corner, and where, strangely, the press becomes the central element.


Precision timing, ethics, and morality applied according to the color of the jerseys, deontology and professional correctness that bend to the harsh law of clicks.


The machine of popular sentiment, as we said.


Nothing more and nothing less than what we witness daily, from newspapers to social media, from presenters with oily rhetoric to upstarts who have learned to “shoot” to get those coveted 10 minutes in the spotlight.


But in 2006, there were no social networks, the words of newspapers and TV were certifications without contradiction.


The spread of real-time information, the circularity of competencies put at the service of Truth, have made the battle even more fierce and, at the same time, have made fans more aware.


The team and the management have always fought alone with balance, patience, and a kind of aristocratic detachment.


Understandable detachment, but by some, it has been perceived as a void, which, in times of great difficulty, has led to the birth of the real new weapon in the service of Truth and Juventus fans.


It is something unique, new, and so different that it has left everyone, including Malcontents, Sycophants, and Tabloid press, baffled.


Today, more and more fans are getting up from the couch and deciding to do something concrete after two decades of complaining.


And we strongly suspect that maybe, just maybe, someone from the club is looking with a hint of a smile.


The Jdentità Bianconera Foundation was created to defend all the people who truly love their favorite team and for people who finally want justice against everything and everyone.


Even against those passionate supporters, who, in turn, have been deceived, who follow the wagon of false winners, supported by everything that makes anti-Juve news, from disclosure organizations to the machine of popular sentiment.


If you are tired of all this, if complaining is no longer enough for you, if you want to make your fan voice heard strongly in the world through concrete actions, sign up today and become a part of the Foundation, talk to your friends, talk to all the fans you know.


Fino alla fine… but it’s only the beginning!