Partisan Journalism: When Witch Hunts Undermine Football and Player Respect.

We are in the midst of an era where sports journalism seems to have lost its way, pushing the boundaries of ethics and common sense to fuel controversies.
The latest scandal involves Paul Pogba, one of our players, found positive in a doping test, but what is more alarming is the outrageously biased attitude of the media and commentators, who seem to have taken it upon themselves to demonize Juventus without any concrete evidence.

Pogba’s right to undergo a counter-analysis is a fundamental pillar of the anti-doping system, a principle that should be accepted by all, including journalists. However, for many of them, it appears that their primary goal is to tarnish our team, without any consideration for the presumption of innocence. This attitude goes beyond mere sports criticism and has become an unbridled and irresponsible attack on a professional who has contributed so much to football. What makes this situation even more frustrating is the apparent tacit approval of the Journalists’ Association, which seems to have lost interest in the need to maintain a minimum of journalistic integrity.

The role of journalists should be to inform, not to fuel unjustified controversies. But it seems that witch-hunting has become more important than truth and justice.
Juventus fans see their team constantly portrayed as the monster on the front pages, and this is not only unfair but damages the very image of football itself.
Football should be a sport that brings people together, that celebrates talent and passion, not a battleground for sensationalists and opportunists seeking visibility at the expense of players and teams.

We demand an urgent change in this way of conducting sports journalism.

We call for respect for the players, for Juventus, and for all the fans who dedicate their hearts and souls to football. We ask the media to return to their roots, to inform with honesty and objectivity rather than fueling hatred and discord. In this difficult time, we support Paul Pogba in his quest for justice and truth. And, at the same time, we will continue to support Juventus with pride, regardless of how much mud is thrown at us. Our passion for the team is unstoppable, and no biased journalism can ever break it.

As a Foundation, we strongly urge all parties involved to adopt an attitude of responsibility and impeccable professionalism, hoping not to have to intervene directly.