Your Bianconere Voices – From the Heart of Jdentità

One of the most beautiful advantages I have by being part of the Jdentità Bianconera Foundation is undoubtedly the ability to talk so much about Juventus, to defend it, to narrate it.

But an even greater pleasure is to be able to listen to it, in its thousand and more nuances, through the stories and emotions of our members. You already know: whenever I can, I like to pick up the phone and call one of you who has just joined, and for a while, let you give me a beautiful story of pure Juventinità. Today, I had the fortune to call Lorenzo, from the province of Varese but born in Puglia to Abruzzese parents. A long-time fan, one of those who have been able to appreciate the feats of Charles and Sivori, the Champions who, despite all the Juventus that followed them, continue to stand on the podium of the most loved, higher than all.

I met a person of culture and spirit, with a keen sensitivity for studying people’s faces and a passion inherited from his father for printed media.

Like me, like many of us, Lorenzo is disappointed by the decline of many journalists who seem to be more inclined to search for provocative headlines or insinuations to fuel divisions and suspicions than to the desire to provide honest information.

We talked about Juventus, Juventini, and anti-Juventini, about the bias in storytelling (The Hand of God? The most unsportsmanlike gesture in History, or something to be elevated to extraordinary cunning? We have an opinion), and we also found common ground in respecting and genuinely admiring great players who have never worn our beloved black and white.

So, thank you again, Lorenzo, for your sportsmanship, your balance, and your pure love for Juventus and sports! Welcome to the Jdentità Bianconera Foundation family, and see you soon!

Until the end… but it’s only the beginning!
Luca Ferrarini