Empoli – Juventus: Our Player Ratings

On Sunday evening at the Castellani Stadium in Empoli, Empoli and Juventus faced each other.

Here are our player ratings!


**PERIN 5**: In a game with very little action, it becomes difficult to maintain concentration and composure. However, that completely misplaced clearance from which Empoli created their only dangerous action is something that cannot be forgiven.

**GATTI 7**: Reliable in defense, with the determination that sets him apart, he adds value in attack as well. In addition to adding height and physical strength on set pieces, this time he also won a penalty with a feint worthy of an attacking midfielder.

**BREMER 5.5**: The feeling is that the ball always seems to burn at his feet. Good defensive work, but some hurried clearances give the impression of a certain insecurity.

**DANILO 7.5**: Defensive duties were limited today, but the Captain is always present and reliable, taking the satisfaction of scoring two goals (one disallowed). His dedication to Scirea and the jersey given to the family further endear him to the fans.

**MCKENNIE 6**: It’s not his natural position, but he doesn’t lack effort. Precious in the role of interception, where he perhaps provides more guarantees than Tim. *83’ WEAH SV*: Just a few minutes for him, enough to whip in a cross from the trequartista that Milik hit against the crossbar.

**MIRETTI 6**: He runs and puts in a lot of effort. He has all the technical skills, and he doesn’t hold back in his running. There always seems to be a lack of that touch of clarity in the final 20 meters, in choosing the solution for himself or his teammates. *62’ POGBA 6.5*: Physically, he’s not at his best, and it shows, but with those feet and the football intelligence he has, he could play in slippers. That disallowed goal got us all excited; we’re not used to seeing certain things anymore.

**LOCATELLI 6**: A lot of effort, a lot of hidden work, difficult to find the spotlight. Manuel should always be rewarded for his humility and attitude, but the feeling is that he’s doing the best he can in a role that’s not naturally his.

**RABIOT 6**: A player of substance in midfield, he gives his best when he ventures into open spaces with the ball at his feet. The feeling is that when he gets near the penalty area, he’s not quite sure what to do: shooting from outside and the precise touch as a trequartista are not his strong suits. If he improves in this phase as well, he would be an extraordinary player.

**KOSTIC 6**: A good start for Filip; his running works well, and the precision of his crosses will improve with his fitness. *70’ CAMBIASO 6*: He comes on well, retains possession, avoids risks. A mature end to the game.

**CHIESA 7.5**: Federico is a force of nature. Eager, impulsive, at times unstoppable. He could easily have scored two more, proving that attacking depth is often a lethal tactical variable. *83’ KEAN 6.5*: Moise’s entrance was good, and he even hit the post.

**VLAHOVIC 5**: The feeling is that his movements are never what his attacking teammates expect. Today, the spaces to attack in depth were there, as Chiesa demonstrated. He appeared nervous when taking the penalty, and he struck it poorly. The desire to conquer the world is there, but if it turns into anxiety, it’s counterproductive. *70’ MILIK 7*: 20 minutes, a sensational assist, and a great header that rattled the crossbar. A valuable resource for Allegri, an additional tactical option that will contribute during the season.

**ALLEGRI 7**: The team is moving at a steady pace, not unforgettable for the aesthetes of football. But for the second time this season, it feels like opponents couldn’t score even if the game went on for two days straight. The metaphor about guns and tanks should not be confused with that of restaurants.