Emotions and Feelings in Black and White

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Good morning, everyone,

I begin this reflection with a question: do you like rainbows?

I presume that 90% of the readers will respond with a strong, powerful “Yes,” looking up at the sky with a slight smile.

Indeed, the rainbow is a phenomenon that nature offers us under certain conditions to remind us of how beautiful the world is, full of colors and nuances often impossible to recreate artificially. The world is rich in colors in every little part, but because we are accustomed to living amidst them, we often overlook the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Among all these colors, to which different meanings have been attributed related to our emotions, feelings, and divinities since the dawn of humanity, there are two that represent the absence of colors and the union of all colors: white and black.

White is the absence of colors; it is purity, lightness, the unique and irreplaceable ability to be a color without colors. Black is exactly the opposite; it is the union of all colors and of everything they represent; it is strength, mystery, power. It is the solidity of being the All that dominates all.

White and black are two opposites that attract each other, that walk together but do not fuse, because it is with their perfect union that they become perfection. And these are our colors as passionate lovers of that historic perfection called Juventus. The Bianconeri, perfect vertical stripes that lean on and alternate with each other. Juventus is purity alongside strength, power.

Juventus is the All.

And we must be grateful for representing these colors in everyday life. We must be the continuation of black and white beyond a football field; we must become the perfection of powerful, solid support with a deep voice, and at the same time, we must represent the lightness, the purity of what football represents. A game. Not a battle.

We are the Bianconeri fans who love our team in a mature, elegant way, superior to the violence of others, committed to Juventus regardless of the result. We are the love for those colors that represent the All, strong, powerful, and at the same time pure, light, and joyful.

We have the gift of loving these colors called Juventus, and if others attack us in the most mean-spirited and vicious ways, craving revenge, malice, and hatred, we must look them straight in the eyes and give them a smile. Their provocations should slide off our skin and off the colors of Juve like spring rain, so fine that it falls to the ground without wetting. We must mature and be the gentlemanly and elegant fans that this game has never seen alongside a team.

They, anonymously “they,” shout, hate, attack us in every possible way, but the reason is only one: envy. Envy of not having the emblem of Juventus, and as the elders used to say, “better to cause envy than pity.”

Football will always be a beautiful game, and on our part, it must be lived as such: joy, lightness, love, and respect.

Forza Juve, always and forever.