Dear Juventus Fans: Let’s Defend Our Juventus from Slander with Jdentità Bianconera

In football, as in every aspect of our lives, communication is a powerful weapon that, as we’ve mentioned many times, you either know how to use or you become a victim of it. It’s a fundamental skill to defend the honor of a club and build and maintain strong relationships with its fans, the true lifeblood of the team. Our beloved Juventus has always adopted a unique style in countering attacks and slander that come from an irresponsible part of the media world, avoiding direct confrontation and refusing to openly respond to every type of attack. But what does all of this mean for the fans?

This attitude, which undoubtedly originates as a form of superiority, is instead interpreted as a sign of indifference on the part of the club towards those who love it. Fans feel betrayed, harassed by other fans (who often are more obsessed with being anti-Juventus than fans of their own team), left at the mercy of false accusations unjustly attributed to their team. Juventus fans loudly demand greater involvement and defense from the club. They don’t want just silence or a timid press release. They demand that the organization rises to defend the honor and prestige of their beloved jersey, both on and off the field. They call for public statements that refute slander and reject unjust criticism, even invoking legal defense in court to combat defamation and harassment.

It is precisely in response to this need that, in a few weeks, the Jdentità Bianconera Foundation will be born. This organization, independent of the Juventus club, aims to bridge the gap that fans perceive in this distance from the club. It will offer true supporters a dedicated platform for content, information, community, and charity, but above all, it will provide legal assistance to all its members who face harassment and slander due to their loyalty to Juventus.

The time has come to courageously face the challenges that communication brings in the world of football in these difficult and chaotic times. Juventus must listen to the cry of its fans and respond with strength. Only through effective communication and a strong defense of its identity can the team re-establish a strong and genuine bond with the true keepers of the Bianconeri faith. The Jdentità Bianconera Foundation represents a new era of commitment and protection for the fans, a symbol of the solidarity and passion that will make Juventus invincible again, not only on the field but also in the hearts of those who truly love it