Three Episodes of Unbearable Discrimination: A Glimpse into Ordinary Madness

Here I am , sisters and brothers in black and white, and it’s always a pleasure to know that you are there and that you are with us in this tough fight against injustice.

In this editorial, I will mention three events that have a common denominator: the behavior of some people towards a Juventus fan.

The first incident happened at the barber shop in a neighborhood in Rome. I asked the barber to wait while I went to get a sweatshirt (it was cold!), and I put on my Juventus one. When I returned, he finished the job without charging me and escorted me out of the shop, telling me not to come back because other customers had complained after seeing the sweatshirt I was wearing. He added that “it’s not surprising considering everything you read in the newspapers about Juventus and its fans.” I walked away feeling embarrassed by that statement from someone I had known for a long time. “Never come back here because Juventus fans are not welcome; they don’t even want to see them around.” Terrible.

The second case occurred at a pharmacy near Alessandria. I was in line, talking on the phone about the many inaccuracies heard on TV. When it was my turn, the two pharmacists looked at each other, and from the gestures they exchanged, I understood that it wouldn’t go well. Indeed, they returned my prescriptions and told me something that shocked me: “Look, we can’t serve you because the manager has set this rule.” I called the manager explaining the behavior of his employees, and he said, “This pharmacy has a good name to maintain for products, personnel, services, and because people always come with trust. We don’t serve Juventus fans like refugees; in fact, you should all leave with your boats because the league is more beautiful without the damage that Juventus has always caused. We are tired of having a team that ruins the image of a beautiful league. Goodbye, and please, don’t come back.” I was so astonished that I didn’t say anything and left. The pharmacy owner has known me since I was a child. Absurdity. And these are in my hometown.

The last one I’m telling you about is experienced as a spectator. When I go to Rome for work commitments, in my free time, I go to a place with a lot of greenery, many benches where I can sit and continue the current manuscript. That time, I sat in the shade of a tree on a comfortable bench. My three outdoor hours were starting, dedicated to my manuscript, enjoying the beauty of that wonderful place. About fifty meters away from me, there was a playground for small children. I noticed the vitality the children emanated and the smiles they spontaneously brought to the elderly present. As usual, even then, I took note of what I had felt emotionally. After a while, I saw many children moving away just because the last one to approach wore Buffon’s jersey. This child’s father felt very bad about it and turned to those parents who had called their children back to distance them from his child. The only answer he managed to get was that one of them grunted, spat on the ground, and walked away.

Needless to say, I couldn’t write anymore. My thoughts were directed towards the child left alone in that now deserted park.

I have many more stories to tell, but I think these convey the idea of how biased media and journalists who speak with the sole interest of gaining audience spread the seeds of this rampant madness.

We are tired of a world where all of this can be considered even remotely acceptable. And it’s time for those who are the cause and origin of all this to take responsibility!

Fino alla fine… ma è solo l’inizio!

Fabrizio Baricchi