Italian Football Betting Case: A Repeat Offender Giving Ethics Lessons on National Television.

During the last week, the “betting case” has exploded, within which situations that have been ongoing for a long time and “new stories” have come to light.

Nicolò Fagioli had recognized for months that he had a problem called ludopathy, and he had reported it to Juventus, which had proceeded to notify all the competent authorities. During this period, the young man also began a therapeutic journey and started collaborating with law enforcement for the proper conduct of an investigation.

But, as we know, Italy is a country of peculiar personalities and sometimes borderline grotesque dynamics.

The former paparazzo, with multiple convictions for various offenses, didn’t hesitate to collect information from ambiguous sources (which later proved to be very unreliable: some confessed to lying to get money, others retracted their statements in every interview) just to feed everything to the press. He sparkled with appearances, created hype, maximized his earnings, and manipulated the media as if they were paper puppets.

Obviously, almost never facing any minimum contradiction, someone to refute the nonsense uttered, the slightest investigative activity in journalism.

As in the worst tabloids, as in B-movies, the character arrives, takes the microphone, and becomes the master of the house.

The lives, vulnerabilities, and mistakes of young people barely over twenty are paraded across all media, followed closely by articles of endless squalor in search (yes, this!) of the most scandalous detail to make those who crave to feel like better people while sitting on their couch drool.

Of course, there’s no shortage of individuals with prior convictions declaring they’ve learned ethics in prison (what a wonder to hear them on national TV…) and arrogating themselves the right to give lessons in morality and ethics.

This is our message, the cry of pain from a people who love sports before being fans. But perhaps also from good people who want to believe in justice, rights, and values.

We know that RAI closes itself off in its arrogant silence, and we know that, despite everything, this time too there won’t be anyone who takes responsibility for explaining to citizens, taxpayers, and the people “out there” for what unfathomable reason all this can be allowed.

But the Foundation was born to do its part, to represent the fans, to be an institutional body protecting the millions of people who have truly had enough of all this.

There is a desperate need for change, for us to get up from our couches, stop the divisions and sterile complaints, and make our voices heard.

If you haven’t done so yet, join the Foundation, give weight to your ideas, let’s unite our numbers, our hearts, and our visions so that they can no longer pretend not to hear us, to be untouchable, and to remain constantly unpunished.

We were born a few months ago, but we have already made our voice heard loudly and clearly.

We won’t stop, and, in the coming weeks, more tools will be arriving.

Until the end… but it’s only the beginning!