Juventus: a team without pirates anymore

In the past, we were fortunate to witness players with great character and charisma donning the Juventus jersey. They were gladiators, warriors, individuals with faces like pirates and an attitude that demanded respect.


Think of Tevez, Mandzukic, Buffon, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Chiellini, when he used to pound his fists on his chests with a blood-stained bandana on his head!


They were true totems, difficult to intimidate, always ready to challenge questionable referee decisions, capable of instilling fear in any opponent, from the youngest to the most experienced, from players on the field to coaches on the sidelines.


These were players who knew when it was the right moment to take a yellow card just to send an unequivocal message.


Today, Juventus has bid farewell to all its charismatic leaders and has consequently lost all its pirates.


At this moment, in Juventus’ midfield, we see the timid Rabiot, the delicate Locatelli, and the youthful face of Fagioli, with Fagioli being the only one attempting some modest and solitary protests.


Danilo is an authoritative captain, but not one to seek the limelight, Bremer is fierce only when engaged in physical duels, and Gatti still needs to gain the necessary experience.


Who can we turn to for more? Vlahovic and Chiesa can express their disappointment or frustration, but often more towards their own teammates than towards the referee or opponents.


Kean may possess the right character, but he occupies a relatively low position in the team hierarchy to influence his teammates in this regard and be a leader.


We are confident that the Sporting Director, Cristiano Giuntoli, has long noticed this lack of character in the team and will consider this aspect when selecting future acquisitions.


In light of these observations, what is even more astonishing is the number of yellow cards Juventus has collected in the first 7 league games: a staggering 19.


Incredible but true: our talented yet timid Juventus players receive an average of just 4 fouls each to earn a booking!


The numbers reveal that other teams, known for their significantly different behavior towards referees, receive yellow cards much less frequently, even up to nearly 250% less.


We deem it crucial to carefully examine these numbers because the current trend suggests that Juventus could accumulate over 100 cards in a single season, whereas Inter, if the averages from the first 7 games hold, will receive just over 40.


We are certain that Juventus fans take pride in their elegant superiority, refraining from excessive protests or theatrics often seen in other contexts. However, these numbers and reflections should be taken seriously by everyone, from management to the coaching staff, from players to the press officers.


Numbers are numbers; they describe a phenomenon but do not explicitly explain its causes.


This task falls upon us, and we hope that these reflections can serve as a starting point for a deeper analysis and a necessary change.